A new breed of pinko

Practicality in Pink.

Practicality in Pink.

I’ve been seeing pink lately, and I’m not talking about a form of subdued rage.

Hot pink rims seem to be a growing automotive phenomenon this year, but it’s hard to tell who’s doing the upgrading. Is this strictly the domain of female drivers, or would that be buying in to an outdated stereotype?

So hot were these pink rims, I failed to notice the driver of the vehicle.

In some cases, the ‘rims’ in question were simply wheel covers that had been spray-painted Barbie’s favourite colour, which brings to mind the Painted Yellow Everything era of the early 2000’s. That era saw the wheel covers, side-view mirrors and decklid spoilers of so many Camrys and Accords slathered in canary yellow, because yellow = speed.

Is hot pink the new performance colour?

What is the compelling force that turns sensible-but-bland subcompacts into the Yaris la Femme seen above?

Further research is needed to sort out this mystery.