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Lost and found

Here’s a little bit of heartwarming automotive news for all to enjoy.

George Talley, 71, of Detroit was recently reunited with his 1979 Chevrolet Corvette, which was stolen from outside his Jefferson Avenue apartment building in 1981. The car, discovered in Mississippi, was returned to the ex-GM worker thanks to some helpful General Motors executives, who made sure cameras were rolling when Mr. Talley fired up his long-lost steed.

As the Detroit Free Press stated,  the (opportunistic?) feel-good moment comes at a stressful time for GM, which is now operating at DEFCON 5 due to the faulty ignition/bazillion vehicle recall crisis currently gripping the company.

Cynicism comes easy in times like these, but if we can shove that aside (plus public relations maneuvering) for just a second, there’s happiness to be felt in seeing a hard-working elderly man experience a moment of belated joy.

Watch as he tests the ‘Vette’s dodgy retractable headlamps and wipers, and retrieves a cassette tape from the deck.