Carefree highway

"Check it out - we're nearly hitting 12 miles per gallon!"

“Check it out – we’re nearly hitting 12 miles per gallon!”

Who’d like to trade places with the driver of this 1972 Mercury Marquis and ply the rural highways of Prince Edward County, Ontario?


Given the ample evidence of my land yacht fetish splashed across this blog, it’s clear I’d risk my life trying.

Think of it: V-8 engine purring, windows down to let in the warm, fragrant breezes of a late June evening, maybe some classic rock on the radio.

Heaven… (if you can ignore the economic realities of a thirsty 429-cubic inch V-8 hauling a 4,500-pound car and $1.41/litre at the local gas pump)

Just for kicks, take this scene and run wild with the possibilities.

Young lovers filled with passion and ambition but barely a buck’s worth of change in their pockets? An elderly man reunited with his long-lost granddaughter after making amends with his estranged son?

You decide who inhabits this classic Merc. And may that carefree highway always be with you.

*Cue music montage*